Top Car of the Year award for Ford Focus RS

Controversial Ford performance wins AutoGuide COTY…

You might remember the Ford Focus RS for all the controversy around the vehicles ‘Drift Mode’ button, an issue addressed by Ford in this Behind the Wheel Podcast.

Now the Ford hot-hatch has shrugged all that off and claimed the respected Car of the Year award in the U.S.

Launched only recently in the U.S., AutoGuide editor Jonathan Yarkony says the Ford Focus is a stand-out offering .

“Ford Focus RS is one of those rare cars that gets massive hype, then still delivered beyond our wildest expectations,”

“Not only is it a great deal on paper as a practical, all-wheel-drive hatchback, but it leaps right to the top of the hot-hatch segment with 350 horsepower (257kW), an enthusiast’s-choice manual transmission and, best of all, its engaging character.”

Top Car of the Year award for Ford Focus RSThe Ford Focus RS in Australia is priced from $50,990.

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