March 9, 2020

Tips for Safe Car Travel with Young Children

Tips for Safe Car Travel with Young Children

How to make traveling with children and babies easier and safer…

We often talk about distractions, particularly technology, but getting about with babies and young children in your vehicle can be an exercise that’s often much more difficult than it seems.

One thing that the road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, says that parents often overlook is ensuring children are properly secured, while simply keeping them happy and calm can also be a major exercise (and a potential distraction).

Head of driving standards, Richard Gladman, says sometimes even the shortest journey with young children can seem like a logistical nightmare but it doesn’t have to be this way.

“Practice, planning and preparation are the keys to happy and safe car trip.”

Tips for Safe Car Travel with Young Children:

  • Know the law on car seats and ensure you have the right safety equipment for your children (check Australian child seat requirements here).
  • Never be tempted to buy a second-hand car seat, as it may have been involved in an accident or the essential fitting instructions may be missing.
  • Take care where you park. Getting in and out can be as dangerous as the journey and toddlers can run quickly if they are near the road.
  • Plan out your journey, including where to stop for a comfort break, remember children often need a break before you will. Make it an adventure, maybe even leave the motorway for a treat? Entertaining the children with games can be educational and often amusing.
  • Check the weather forecast. Children that are too hot or too cold get grumpy very quickly. There is nothing worse than an irritable and hot toddler throwing a tantrum because they have been wrapped up in thermals.
  • Pack for success and disaster. You never know what you may face on your long journey so pack items such as spare clothing, food and drinks.

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