Thumbs up for Online Car Sales

Thumbs up for Online Car Sales

Motorists in the U.S. and China most prepared to buy cars online…

A new global study has found growing acceptance of online car sales, though some regions aren’t quite ready to bypass their dealership.

Strategy Analytics assessed consumer interest in conducting several aspects of the vehicle purchasing experience online.

Respondents in the U.S. and China exhibited the greatest interest in most activities including choosing vehicle specs, estimating cost and taxes, and checking nearby dealer inventories.

Comparatively, respondents in Western Europe were less open to conducting vehicle purchasing tasks online.

And it looks like it’s the actual financial transaction, or finance deal, that is the biggest hurdle to an immediate expansion in online car sales.

The survey finding respondents across all regions were least likely to be interested in conducting credit-related tasks over the internet.

Checking dealer inventory, choosing vehicle specs, and estimating fees or taxes were the top three activities consumers were most interested in across all regions, according to report author, Derek Viita.

“The study shows car brands should invest in online activities,”

“With over 60% of respondents across all regions exhibiting interest in checking nearby dealer inventory and estimating fees or taxes over the internet, car manufacturers and dealers should optimize such services online.

“This would allow the manufacturers to involve themselves in the early stage of consumers’ vehicle purchasing decision process.”

The survey comes after Volvo-owned start-up, Lynk & CO announced it would only sell its vehicles online, while established brands like Hyundai and Subaru have either trialed online car sales, or have it as part of their sales strategy.

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