Three Step Tyre Safety Plan

A recent consumer survey found tyres are often overlooked by car drivers as a safety feature, despite the fact that they are the only part of a vehicle touching the road.

The April 2016 survey, conducted online among 2,109 adults in the US, found only 41% of drivers rank tyres as one of the three most important safety features of a vehicle.

Drivers also are not checking their tyres for road-readiness as carefully as they should be.

While 58% of drivers have checked their tyre pressure in the past three months, far fewer (38%) have checked their tread depth in the same time frame.

Bridgestone recommends that drivers of cars, utes trucks, vans, crossovers, SUVs and 4×4’s implement a three-step safety plan to help ensure their tires remain in good shape:

Inflate: Drivers should use a tire pressure gauge to check tyre pressure at least once each month, as well as before long trips or when carrying a large load.

Tyres can lose one psi (pounds per square inch) per month under normal conditions. A lot of drivers depend on their tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to warn them if there is a change in their tire pressure.

TPMS is a great tool, but it doesn’t replace the need for regular, routine tyre pressure checks with a tyre pressure gauge.

Rotate: Regular tyre rotations also will help prevent irregular and premature wear. Tyres should be rotated and balanced according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations found in the vehicle owner’s manual, or every 8,000km.

Evaluate: Routinely look for signs of tread wear or damage. Drivers should check tread depth to make sure their tyres have enough traction to grip the road using a tread depth gauge. When in doubt, get a tyre shop to check your rubber.

And of course you can also look after your tyre side-walls and wheels with a product like this.

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