Three-star safety score for LDV G10

LDV offering disappoints

Disappointment for LDV in Australia with the Chinese brands G10 commercial van and people mover gaining only a three-star ANCAP safety rating.

The crash test authority tells us the LDV G10 delivered a below-par level of structural safety and safety specifications.

Both variants were handed a score of 24.49 out of 37, with Frontal Offset Test results (9.37 out of 16) bringing the LDV offering down.

The vehicle did score a 16 out of 16 in the Side Impact Test.

However, it also lost points for having just one seatbelt reminder, while ANCAP did not complete a Pole Test, nor rate either offering for Whiplash Protection or Pedestrian Protection.

ANCAP CEO James Goodwin says the result is disappointing.

“There were a number of serious concerns with the G10’s structural performance with the driver footwell rupturing and excessive pedal movement.

“Steering column and dash components were also a potential source of knee injury for the driver and passenger.

“The G10 also lacks important safety features such as head- and chest-protecting side airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners which consumers today expect to be provided as standard – particularly in a vehicle which can carry up to nine passengers.”

“The safety standards of passenger and commercial vans remains well below those offered in other segments with 67% of vans rated by ANCAP holding a rating of four stars or less.

“We urge all brands to ensure an emphasis on safety carries across all market segments.”

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  1. Maybe you might like to edit the following clause:
    Disappointment for LDV in Australia with the Chinese brands G10 commercial van and people mover gaining only a “five-star” ANCAP safety rating.

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