Texts, emails and social media use the biggest worry for drivers

texting behind the wheel

No matter how much skill or experience you have – no one can safely drive a car and look at the screen of a mobile phone at the same time.

And it’s this very practise that has been nominated as the driving behaviour that most worries other road users.

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UK road safety advocates, IAM RoadSmart, complete this survey every year – asking drivers to nominate the biggest worries that have on the roads.

This year it was drivers updating social media or sending text messages/emails while driving that came out on top in the survey that included more than 2,000 motorists.

The illegal practise coming out ahead of worries around others drink-driving, drug-driving, or talking on a mobile phone.

More than 90% thought the dangers caused by people accessing social media or messages while driving was a significant threat to their personal safety.

And despite increasingly serious penalties for the practise, 80% believe the problem is more significant than it was three years ago.

Speeding, ignoring red lights and driving tired were other high-ranked dangers.

Neil Greig from IAM RoadSmart says people still aren’t getting the message (pardon the pun) about mobile phone use.

“In the three years we have been running this survey, people’s worries about drivers using new smartphone technology have remained consistently high.

“Our survey shows that key issues still remain that must be tackled through education, training and publicity.”

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