Tetrax Smart Phone Holder Review

Simon Lai reviews a simple phone holder from Tetrax.

Tetrax Smart Phone Holder Review
Tetrax Smart Phone Holder Review.

One consideration about in-car accessories is the size and space they take up.

Phone holders are more often than not, cradles, designed to be attached to the windscreen or the 12V socket which can be bulky or intrusive.

But Tetrax has addressed the problem with a simpler solution and has a range of holders utilising magnetic attraction.

Installation of the Tetrax Smart phone holder is also straightforward.

Tetrax Smart Phone Holder Review
Attach the clamp to the A/C vent and turn the dial to tighten.
Tetrax Smart Phone Holder Review
Slide the base into place over the dial.
Tetrax Smart Phone Holder Review
Stick the adhesive metal button to the back of your phone and let the magnet do its work!

We reviewed another phone holder that uses magnets the Logitech case+drive, which has good build quality and a very strong magnet but by comparison is a lot larger and requires you to put your phone in an external casing.

The Tetrax Smart also has surprisingly strong attraction given its size; it sometimes pulled the cover off the back of my phone when I removed it from the dash.

The system best fits vertical vents but comes with an attachment option to fix it anywhere on the dash.

A neat little holder which solves a problem, is inconspicuous and a space saver.

The Tetrax Smart Phone Holder is available to purchase from the MobileZap website.

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