Tesla owners still happy despite ‘flawed’ cars

Tesla owners still happy despite ‘flawed’ cars

Report finds Tesla owners overlooking Model S and X problems…

Most car companies had about 90 years’ head start on Tesla so what they’ve managed to do in a short period of time is actually pretty darn impressive.

But Tesla cars, namely the Model S and Model X, are not without some quality issues.

Despite the imperfections, J.D. Power has found most Tesla owners are still very much attached to their electric vehicles.

The automotive research outlet has just released a report titled Tesla: Beyond the Hype and that finds that most owners would buy their Tesla again, despite the frustrations.

Reported Complaints/Issues with Tesla Cars:

  • Expensive Parts
  • Interior fit and finish issues
  • Water leaks
  • Door handle faults

Director of global automotive consulting at J.D. Power, Kathleen Rizk, says Tesla owners normally report more faults and quality issues than the average, but that doesn’t mean those owners like their vehicles any less.

“Tesla owners see themselves as pioneers who enjoy being early adopters of new technology,”

“Spending $100,000 or more on a vehicle that has so many problems usually would have a dramatically negative effect on sales and brand perception.

“Right now, though, Tesla seems immune from such disenchanted customers.”

But, Kathleen warns the more affordable Model 3 will only lift customer expectations.

“When consumers buy a mass-market car priced around $35,000 that will be their primary mode of transportation, the degree of expectation will increase immensely,”

“We’ve seen that with other well-liked brands, whether or not it involves an electric vehicle.”

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