Tesla Model S Seat-Belt Recall

Tesla Model S recalled over potential seat-belt fault.

Tesla Model S Seat-Belt Recall - there are concerns the Tesla Model S seat-belts might not be properly connected.

Owners of Telsa Model S electric cars will be required to return their vehicle to a Tesla dealership to have the front seat-belt inspected.

Being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Tesla Model S seat-belt recall was launched after it was discovered that the seat-belt in one of the front seats may not be properly connected to the outboard lap pre-tensioner.

All Tesla Model S vehicles sold in Australia are being recalled.

The ACCC recall notice saying that if the seat belt is not properly connected to the outboard lap pre-tensioner and a crash were to occur, the seat belt might be unable to properly restrain the occupant, increasing the risk of injury.

Tesla will inspect the driver and front passenger seat belts for proper attachment to the outboard lap pre-tensioner. If the front belts are not properly connected, Tesla will reassemble them to ensure the proper connection.

The inspection will take a few minutes, and the inspection and any repairs if required will be performed at no cost to the customer. All customers are asked to either schedule an appointment online or directly visit a Tesla service centre.

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