Tesla founder adds turbine engines to garbage trucks

Ian Wright says turbine engines the future of garbage collection

Tesla founder adds turbine engines to garbage trucks

Tesla co-founder Ian Wright has turned his attention to making garbage trucks quieter and more efficient and says turbine engines are the answer.

Wright has established his own business, Wrightspeed, and after initially focusing on electric sports car development, the business is now offering a bolt-in electric drivetrain for Mack garbage trucks.

While the system is also just as at home in city buses and delivery trucks, in fact, FedEx has ordered 25.

Mack is one of the leading suppliers of waste collection vehicles in the US and Wrightspeed now has a kit ready to go for operators to retrofit.

Wright says an overnight charge of the battery pack provides 20 miles (32km) of range, then the turbine spins up, burning fuel (either diesel or natural gas) to generate electricity to keep the truck moving.

The system also captures energy when the vehicles brakes are on, just like a traditional hybrid or EV.

In total, the drivetrain has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by 70% over a traditional straight-six diesel.

While the electric motors at each wheel provide a total of 400hp and enough torque to tackle a 40% grade.

We will keep you updated on further developments from Wrightspeed.

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