Ten things you didn’t know about…Kia

Some trivia you may not know about Kia Motors

The Korean manufacturer has made leaps and bounds in Australia and still has plenty more to achieve in our market.

In their vehicles, Kia offers quality, a wide range of tech and features and great value for money.

Here are a few quick tidbits you may not have known about Kia Motors:

  1. Kia was founded in 1944 and is the oldest car manufacturer in South Korea.
  2. It started out manufacturing steel tubing and bicycle parts by hand progressing to motorcycles, trucks and eventually cars in 1974.
  3. In 1962, Kia produced South Korea’s first truck the K-360 which only had 3 wheels
  4. Kia Motors is partly owned by the Hyundai Motor Company
  5. During the 80s and 90s, Kia used to be in partnership with the Ford Motor Company
  6. The name Kia is derived from Chinese characters and roughly translates as ‘Rising out of Asia’
  7. Kia produces and supplies military grade vehicles to the South Korean Army
  8. Since 2002, Kia has been the major sponsor of the Australian Open tennis tournament
  9. Kia Motors also sponsors the Essendon Football Club in the AFL
  10. Aside from South Korea, Kia has manufacturing plants in China, the USA, Mexico and Slovakia
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  1. Good story, we have owned two KIA’s now starting with one of the first Rio’s in 2011 to reach Australia and now have their little quickie, the Pro-Ceed GT. What an absolute gun this car is with its refinement, European finishes and high class extras.
    What a shame the company never really pushed this car as it should of been one of their highest selling cars if the marketing was done right. All I can say is I get enjoyment out of taking people off when there’re not expecting what I have.
    So with Kia’s servicing and product we have never been let down and when ever they decide to upgrade their little quickies I wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade. Many thanks.

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