Ten things you didn’t know about…car indicators

We’ve gathered some car indicator facts you might not have known

Ten things you didn’t know about…car indicators

While some people may not always use them exactly as the law and other road users might like, indicators have been a great addition to cars.

Ever since they first appeared back in the 1930’s, indicators, or turn signals as they are more accurately known, have been helping road users signal their intentions, being while making a turn or changing lanes.

So, because they are so important, we thought we might find some interesting facts for you about car indicators

  1. Electric turn-signal lights date from as early as 1907.
  2. The modern flashing turn signal was patented in 1925.
  3. A 2012 study found failure to use turn signals is a leading cause of car accidents.
  4. Buick was the first U.S. automaker to offer factory-installed flashing turn signals in 1940.
  5. Four-way hazard flashers were first introduced in the 1960’s.
  6. A 2014 study found the number one reason motorists don’t use their indicators is that they forget, this was followed by not having enough time and the thought that indicating is optional.
  7. Direction turn signal lamps were made a requirement on vehicles on Australian roads from the early 1970’s.
  8. Most Australian states and territories require you to use your indicators when leaving a roundabout, even if you are going straight ahead.
  9. Amber is the internationally recognized colour of turn signals.
  10. Australian road rules say drivers can use their hazard lights while moving if they are driving in hazardous weather conditions (for example, fog or smoke).

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