Ten signs your cars brakes need attention

Ten signs your cars brakes need attention

It goes without saying that your brakes are not only the most important mechanical system fitted to your car, your brakes are also your primary safety system too.

For a lot of people though car brakes are a bit of a mystery.

We have found that many motorists aren’t aware of what they should be looking for to determine whether their cars brakes are up to the job, or in need of some help.

So, to help, we present our ten signs that your cars brakes need some attention:

  • You might feel your car pulling to one side when braking instead of stopping in a straight line.
  • A squealing or grinding noise when you apply your brakes.
  • If your cars brakes are grabbing, causing jerky stops.
  • When the brake pedal is either mushy or very hard to depress.
  • When the brakes must be pumped to work.
  • Excessively hot wheels, even after just short drives.
  • If you feel a pulsing feel when you are depressing the brake pedal.
  • If you know how to check our brake fluid levels, you might notice that your fluid is low, and/or dirty.
  • If you spot brake fluid leaks are seen around any of your cars wheels.
  • It might seem obvious but a sign you need some help with your brakes is when your brake warning light comes on!

If any of these symptoms sound familiar you should get your car checked by an expert ASAP.

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