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Porsche 911 Documentary

May 12, 2020 Kate Richards

A look at the amazing history of the Porsche 911… It’s 54 years since the first Porsche 911 was produced, now the German sports car company has just celebrated production of the one-millionth! To mark […]

Porsche airbag fault recall launched

February 1, 2020 Kate Richards

A total of just five Porsche sports cars are affected by a recall launched by the German sports car today. Those affected cars, Porsche 718 series (Cayman/Boxster) and Porsche 911, carry the following VINs: WP0ZZZ98ZHS212343 […]

Porsche celebrate record 2015 sales

October 29, 2020 Joel Helmes

Sales booming for Porsche as SUV popularity increases. Porsche is cashing on the radical step of introducing a selection of SUV models into the traditional sports car brands line up with 2015 sales going through […]

2016 Porsche 911 Unveiled

September 7, 2020 Joel Helmes

Porsche gives 911 new engines and improved chassis for 2016. It’s one of the world’s favourite sports cars and now Porsche has just unveiled an improved version of the Porsche 911 for 2016. For 2016 […]