March 20, 2020

New boss for Penske Commercial Vehicles

June 16, 2020 Simon Lai

Kevin Dennis is set to take the reins at Penske Commercial Vehicles Australia/New Zealand. After previously holding positions with Detroit Diesel, Daimler Trucks and Navistar, Kevin tells us he’s looking forward to taking on the […]

Volkswagen Could Sell Truck Brands

February 10, 2020 Joel Helmes

Reports say Volkswagen is considering selling its MAN and Scania truck brands. The Volkswagen Group could be on the verge of announcing the sell-off of its truck brands – Scania and MAN. After a horror […]

MAN and Scania Sales Dive in 2015

January 9, 2020 Kate Richards

Worrying dip in MAN and Scania truck sales for Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Group has reported disappointing sales results for its two truck brands, MAN and Scania. While the Volkswagen Group handed over 9.93 million vehicles […]

Sales Slump for MAN Trucks in 2015

December 12, 2020 Joel Helmes

Global MAN sales drop 22.3% in November 2015. Sales of MAN vehicles across the globe are down significantly, while Volkswagen Group stablemate, Scania, looks to have turned around recent sales volume decreases. Sales data released […]

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