2015 Audi S1 Sportback Review

March 22, 2020 Joel Helmes

Joel Helmes road tests and reviews the Audi S1 Sportback. The hot hatch market in 2015 is almost as keenly contested as the race for buyers in the small SUV category! With plenty of choice […]

Audi updates A1 and A1 Sportback

November 17, 2020 Joel Helmes

New engines headline changes for Audi A1 models. Its nearly five years since the Audi A1 and the A1 Sportback variant hit the market and in that time half a million global sales have been […]

2013 Audi A1 Attraction Review

January 10, 2020 Paul Maric

Paul Maric road tests and reviews the 2013 Audi A1 Attraction. An affordable Audi – it almost rolls off the tongue. Admittedly, it’s not a phrase you hear often, but Audi is hoping to buck […]

2012 Audi A1 Sport Review

January 19, 2020 Joel Helmes

Joel Helmes reviews the Audi A1 Sport… The baby Audi is a three door hatch powered by a 1.4 litre turbo and supercharged petrol engine. It’s a car that’s perfect for people who want terrific […]