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T Pod the future of trucking?

Autonomous ‘pod’ truck unveiled

Sweden, the same country that gave us Scania, Ikea and Saab, now wants to completely change the trucking landscape with this ‘T Pod’ autonomous truck.

Unveiled recently, the T Pod is a concept truck being developed by Einride.

The company says it’s around seven metres long and is capable of hauling 15 pallets worth of cargo in urban delivery applications.

Featuring an electric drive train, the Einride T Pod promises a drive range in excess of 200 kilometres.

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But the big talking point with the concept truck is that there is no driver.

There isn’t even a cab for a driver to sit in!

Einride say the T Pod can be controlled remotely by human drivers, although it is working towards making the truck completely autonomous without any active human input whatsoever.

Expected to hit the streets of Swedish cities, Gothenburg and Helsingborg by 2020, they say 200 T Pod trucks could handle up to 2 million pallets of cargo annually, all while saving the equivalent Co2 emissions of 400,000 passenger cars annually.

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We’ll bring you more details on the Einride T Pod as they come to hand.

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