T-Cut Clay Bar Kit Review

T-Cut Clay Bar Kit Review

Joel Helmes reviews the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit.

T-Cut Clay Bar Kit Review
T-Cut Clay Bar Kit Review.

This is a bit different isn’t it? A product that promises to make your cars paintwork as smooth as glass and restore a mirror-like finish, with the use of a lump of clay!

When the guys at Altrex Auto Accessories asked us to road-test and review the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit, I knew immediately the car I wanted to try it out on.

My father’s LandCruiser had particularly rough and scuffed-up paint on the bonnet. We had used some cutting compound a little while ago to remove the worst of it, we figured that whatever we used to polish the bonnet back into a shiny state was going to have to prove to be worth its salt.

Enter the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit. Containing a clay bar, clay liquid, clay wax and a micro-fibre cloth, the process is actually quite simple;

T-Cut Clay Bar Kit Review
You simply break the clay bar in half and knead it until it softens up.

Then, simply spray the T-Cut Clay Liquid on the area, this works as a lubricant as you rub the clay bar across the surface. You will feel the clay bar slide more smoothly over the paint work after a few rubs, when sufficiently smoothed you simply use the dampened micro-fibre cloth and the T-Cut Clay Wax to rub off the residue.

With another clean micro-fibre cloth you can then remove any residue and the end result is nothing short of remarkable!

T-Cut Clay Bar Kit Review
As you can see the T-Cut Clay Bar kit produced great results.

Initially I used the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit in the sun, figuring the heat may help the clay bar soften up more easily - after trying it in both sun and shade the verdict is the shade. The cooler conditions help keep the clay bar from breaking down and leaves less residue too.

After using the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit on the entire bonnet - the end result was a smooth-as-glass finish, the blue in the paint had returned and the shine and sparkle in the metallic paint had resurfaced.

T-Cut Clay Bar Kit Review
The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit promises a mirror-like result, it delivered!

The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit is easy to use and works remarkably well, in fact the photos probably don’t do the end result justice. I can’t recommend this product highly enough if your paintwork is a little, or a lot, worse for wear!

You can order the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit right now via the Altrex Auto Accessories online store, at $39.99 that’s excellent value.

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