Suzuki Swift Achieves Five Million Car Milestone

The Suzuki Swift is finding a rapidly growing number of owners as sales sail past the five million mark.

Truly a global model, the Swift is produced in Japan, Hungary, India, China, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam and is on sale in 140 countries and the Suzuki model has won more than 70 awards.

Remarkably, Suzuki handed over Suzuki Swift number four million just eighteen months ago!

Across the globe, 11% of Suzuki Swift sales are in Japan, around 50% of all Swift’s produced go to buyers in India and 19% find a home in Europe.

Variants that we don’t see in Australia include a three-door model and even a 4×4 version!

The increasingly popular third-generation Suzuki Swift is still going strong, despite being introduced six years ago. Though a new fourth-generation model is expected to be revealed later in the year and arrive in dealerships in 2017.

Priced from $15,990 in Australia, the Suzuki Swift has had a long time following here since the model was first introduced in the mid-1980’s.

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