Suzuki Alto declared budget pick

The Suzuki Alto has been declared the cheapest new car to own and run in Australia.

40c per kilometre, that’s as little as it costs to own and run a Suzuki Alto, according to the nation’s auto clubs.

The Auto Clubs of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland have crunched the numbers and determined the Indian-built five door hatchback is the most affordable new car on the market.

Based on average operating costs over a five year period, the Suzuki Alto GL manual was estimated to cost from $106 to $113 to own and run, depending on different regulatory costs in each state.

At the other end of the scale the Nissan Patrol was one again found to be the most expensive new vehicle to own and run.


Suzuki Australia Automobiles general manager Andrew Moore welcomed the results.

“Suzuki has always regarded outstanding value for money as a cornerstone of its philosophy,”

“The results speak for themselves and we are extremely proud of this recognition by Australia’s leading independent motoring authorities.”

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