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Supercharger Kit gives 2018 Ford Mustang 521kW

Dealer fitted supercharger kit available on Mustang in the US

No word yet on whether Australian Ford Mustang buyers will be offered this, however U.S. Mustang purchasers can now opt for a supercharger kit to be added to their new car.

The kit was produced by Ford Performance and Roush and is available from Ford dealers in the U.S.

It boosts the 5.0 litre V8 engine in the Mustang (and also the F-150 pick-up) up to 521kW (700hp).

Ford Performance tell us the supercharger kit is specially designed to work with the 5.0 litre V8’s new port and direct injection fuel system.

The Mustang GT version also offers 827Nm (at 12 psi of boost on 93 octane fuel).

“Ford and Roush have teamed up on performance for years on and off the track,” said Doug White, Global Ford Performance Parts Manager.

“This new supercharger is another great example of our innovation in performance, greatly improving horsepower and torque so people can enjoy two of our most iconic vehicles even more.”

We will keep you updated with further details, including Australian availability, as further details come to hand.

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