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Super sleek Tesla Truck Unveiled

Tesla wows with ground-breaking new truck

tesla truck

Say hello to the long-awaited Tesla truck. The super-sleek new offering has just been unveiled in the U.S.

The electric car companies first ever truck, and first ever commercial vehicle, promises an electric drive range in excess of 800 kilometres (at maximum weight/highway speeds).

Yes, that is a centre-mounted drivers seat!

The Tesla founder, Elon Musk, unveiled the fourth official Tesla product at an event at the companies headquarters in California.

tesla truck on roadMusk promised a 400-mile (643km) range in just 30 minutes of charging.

“I can drive this thing and I have no idea how to drive a semi,” Musk joked.

The truck will be capable of shifting a 36 tonne load (80,000 pounds), though battery size/capacity and output weren’t confirmed by the Tesla founder, reports though say the truck boasts more than 750kW.

It will also come with a one-million mile (1.6 million km) driveline warranty.

While he also revealed, not surprisingly, that the truck would be able to drive itself, albeit initially in an expected semi-autonomous capacity by way of functions such as lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control.

The cab (made from carbon-fibre), as the image below shows, features the same simplified design philosophy that the Tesla passenger cars employ.

tesla truck interior

Under the bonnet there isn’t an engine, or batteries, instead there’s a storage area.

The batteries are located under the floor of the cab and the rear axles hold the Tesla truck’s four electric motors.

Regarding the revolutionary centre seat position, Musk said this layout allowed designers to create more storage space inside the cab.

Yes, there is a passenger’s seat, it is located behind and to the right of the driver’s seat.

How’s the vision from the centre-mounted driver’s seat?

The truck does have conventional mirrors, however there’s also a camera system that will display images of the side and rear of the truck on the twin dashboard-mounted 15″ screens (seen below).

tesla truck drive controlsAt this stage the Tesla Truck is essentially a day-cab model, a version with sleeping accommodation is promised for the future.

While the designers have given operators a full 6’6” (198cm) standing height in the cab.

And why would operators looks at the Tesla Truck over a conventional diesel? Mr Musk promised his vehicle would cost 20% less to run than a regular truck.

We will bring you more details on the new Tesla product as further info comes to hand.

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