Sumitomo develops smart new tyre tech

Sumitomo develops smart new tyre tech

Japanese tyre brand unveils new sensing technology…

Most new cars today come with a tyre pressure monitor, however Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), the parent company of Falken Tyres, has just taken all that a big step further.

The brand has released details of a new tyre sensing technology – called ‘Sensing Core’.

They say the system is able to analyse wheel speed signals generated by tyre rotation and this allows it to identify road conditions, including how slippery the road is. also monitors tyre load and can change inflation pressures to match and this is said to help not only better stabilise the car, but also assist minimise wear.

SRI believes their new tech is a road safety breakthrough.

While future developments of the Sensing Core technology could include the ability to estimate tyre damage and wear.

It could also be able to transmit the data that it collects to other vehicles and SRI say this would be a boon for autonomous vehicles.

Check out more details on this fascinating new tyre tech here.

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