Subaru parent officially changes name

Subaru parent officially changes name

Shareholders have agreed to a proposal to change the name of the Subaru parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), to Subaru Corporation.

The vote was taken at the company’s 85th General Meeting of Shareholders in Japan.

The change, while obviously not affecting the Subaru brand, sees the FHI name dropped after 63 years, interestingly, it wasn’t the company’s original name.

FHI was initially established as the Aircraft Research Laboratory, then from 1917 it was the Nakajima Aircraft Co.

The Subaru story kicking off from the late 1950’s with the iconic Subaru 360.

In announcing that the name change was ratified by shareholders, the new Subaru Corporation said it intends to further strengthen its efforts to expand the Subaru brand.

Those efforts pursuant to its management philosophy of aiming to be “a compelling company with a strong market presence built upon its customer-first principle.”

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