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Subaru optimistic about 2017-18

Subaru optimistic about 2017-18

But still no seven-seat SUV for Australia

Subaru Australia boss Colin Christie says things are looking good for the brand over the next 12 months or so.

After an extremely strong performance in 2016 with sales up nearly 8% compared to the year before, Subaru in 2017 is proving even more popular.

Across the first five months of the year local sales are up almost 10%.

One vehicle that has contributed strongly to those improved sales is the Subaru Impreza.

Sales of the Subaru small car are up more than 127%!

Now the Impreza is about to be joined by a new version of it’s beefed-up sister - the Subaru XV.

We are at the Australian launch of that vehicle and will have a full review for you when an embargo lifts on Friday morning.

In the meantime, Mr Christie has outlined the brand’s strategy and hopes for the immediate future.

The big priority, according to the Subaru boss, is to get the new Impreza and XV onto people’s test-drive lists.

While he was also optimistic about extra sales coming from the soon to arrive face-lifted/updated versions of the Levorg, Liberty and WRX.

Mr Christie said Subaru was also keen to expand on some of the innovative sales concepts that they have implemented in recent years.

These include online car sales, shopping centre pop-up locations and full shopping centre showrooms.

Brisbane CBD will also soon have a Subaru presence with one of those showrooms about to open on Queen Street Mall.

Australia is consistently one of Subaru’s top-four export markets.

While Subaru has also committed to providing more test-drive opportunities for potential customers after hours.

“We are ready to maximise these opportunities,” said Mr Christie.

And if you’re hanging out for that long-awaited Subaru seven-seat SUV, well you might have to just keep ‘watching this space’.

Mr Christie said the seven-seat Subaru SUV available in North America remains a left-hand drive only proposition.

“We are keen to have a three-row SUV to offer, however there’s no news at this stage of the situation changing.” Mr Christie said.

We bring you all the latest Subaru News as it comes to hand.

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