Subaru considers producing electric cars

Subaru considers producing electric cars

Aims to build a fully electric car by 2021…

The powers that be at Japanese car maker Subaru are contemplating constructing electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

In what will be their first venture into plug-in hybrid technology, Subaru are playing catch up in an emerging market.

The big question for the manufacturer is whether to turn existing models in to by installing electric powertrains or designing a new electric car from scratch.

Subaru Corp is committing ¥134b into research and development, which is double their spend at year ending March 2014, with hopes of producing a plug-in hybrid by next year and an all-electric car by 2021.

Models under consideration for conversion at the Subaru Impreza and the Subaru XV due to their safety features, awarded the highest score in the Japan New Car Assessment Program this year.

This is in part to Subaru’s Eyesight driver assist system which is now becoming Subaru’s strong point.

Subaru CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga says they should make the most of their reputation for safety but at the same time must do all they can to compete even if that means partnering with more experienced US companies.

“We need to work with parts makers on joint development right from the start. If we don’t we won’t be able to keep up in this era of rapid change.”

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