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Study finds growing acceptance of self-driving cars

New Edmunds survey good news for autonomous car proponents

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The latest survey of car drivers on handing over control to their vehicles has found an increasing number of people are accepting of self-driving cars.

And it was younger car buyers/owners that are most interested in having the autonomous car technology.

The positive responsive comes just weeks after a separate poll in the U.S. found many drivers were concerned about safety issues surrounding self-driving cars, including hacking.

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Edmunds, the U.S. based car shopping and info platform, found 65% of millennials said they would trust a Level 4 autonomous vehicle (i.e. a car that does all the driving without human interaction).

35% said they would buy a Level 4 autonomous vehicle if it becomes available within the next five years.

Just 16% said they would never buy an autonomous vehicle.

The percentage of older respondents who said “No” to potentially buying a self-driving car increased to 50% among those 55 years old and older.

The survey also asked the prospective car buyers whether they would be happy to pay more for active safety features in today’s cars, such as blind-spot detection, pre-collision warning and lane keeping assist.

Interestingly, only 40% said they would be willing to a premium of between $1,000 and $2,000 to have a vehicle that has the features.

While Tesla, Volvo, Honda and Mercedes-Benz were declared the current leaders in bring new safety and driver assist tech to market.

Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds executive director of industry analysis tells us this put these manufacturers in a good position to capitalize on the arrival of self-driving cars.

“It’s a way they can demonstrate their technology leadership to car buyers now so that when full autonomy does come, they’ve already established trust and credibility with a large base of potential buyers.”

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You can access the full Edmunds report in their Industry Center.

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