Strong support for anti-distraction technologies

TeenSafe determined to end young driver distracted driving

teensafe app

This is a really good idea – an app that disables smartphones from being able to be used while young drivers are behind the wheel.

Called TeenSafe, the app works on both Apple and Android phones and isn’t dependent upon the teens doing the right thing and switching their connectivity off, instead, its operated remotely by parents.

Our goal is to end teen smartphone-related distracted driving,” - TeenSafe CEO Ralph Acosta.

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The app still allows for the teens phone to make, or receive emergency calls, can block the camera function, and is programmable to allow for operation during meal breaks, bedtime, study time, etc.

TeenSafe has just published the results of a study into the driver distraction issue and Mr Acosta says he can see growing positive attitudes towards the adoption of technology that can make our roads safer.

Some of those key findings included:

  • 91% believe texting and 76% believe using apps or social media are the leading factors in teen distracted driving
  • All respondents would use TeenSafe Control (or other technologies) if it would lower their insurance premiums
  • Almost 68% would install additional hardware in the vehicle to enable the TeenSafe Control App to monitor driver speed, location, etc.

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Good idea? Would you consider using an app like this to help keep your young drivers safe?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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