Strike Hands Free Alpha Cradle Review

We review a new cradle for iPhone 5 and 5S…

There’s a handy choice of mobile phone cradles on the market these days and in recent times we have reviewed both cheap and more premium options.

Up the premium end of the market is this unit from Strike.

Made in Germany and available on the Strike website for $149, the Alpha cradle is a generally well-designed and constructed unit.

Strike Hands Free Alpha Cradle review
Strike Hands Free Alpha Cradle Review.

Being made in Germany the unit has a quality free about it and there’s plenty of adjustment via the base pivot and ball joint.

If you don’t want to suction cup the unit to your windscreen it also comes with a mounting pad for your dashboard or console.

Aside from the USB/charger cable there’s also an external aerial plug-in cable, if you don’t want to use this you can simply remove six screws and tuck the cable away.

It’s a snug fit sliding your iPhone in but it certainly feels secure, using the cradle though I noticed just the one frustration, when sliding the iPhone out, at times, the cradle would also detach from the base.

The cradle also doesn’t allow you to keep a case on your phone while it’s being used.

Summing it up: $149 is a reasonable investment in a mobile phone cradle, but with recharging taken care of simply, the external antenna option and a rugged and quality feel I couldn’t see any reason why the Strike Hands Free Alpha Cradle wouldn’t be a good investment.

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