Steering issue sees Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs recalled

Possibly dangerous fault found in Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks…

Steering issue sees Mercedes-Benz Actros recalled

A small number of Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs trucks are being recalled amid concerns they could have a potentially dangerous steering system fault.

The recall affects Mercedes-Benz Actros 963 & Arocs 963 trucks.

Those affected trucks carry the following VINs:

  • WDB96340320112956
  • WDB96342420107838
  • WDB96342420108130
  • WDB96342420108854
  • WDB96342420108856
  • WDB96342420109185
  • WDB96342420112643
  • WDB96342420112976
  • WDB96342420113384
  • WDB96342420113385
  • WDB96342420113386
  • WDB96342420113387
  • WDB96342420113388
  • WDB96342420113389
  • WDB96342420113390
  • WDB96342420113391
  • WDB96342420113451
  • WDB96342420113452
  • WDB96342420113453
  • WDB96342420113454
  • WDB96342420113455
  • WDB96342420113731
  • WDB96342420113732
  • WDB96342420113733
  • WDB96342420113734
  • WDB96342420113735
  • WDB96342420113736
  • WDB96342420113738
  • WDB96342420113739
  • WDB96342420114890
  • WDB96342420115197
  • WDB96342420115198
  • WDB96342420115199
  • WDB96342420115200
  • WDB96342420115201
  • WDB96342420115202
  • WDB96342420115203
  • WDB96342420115280
  • WDB96342420115332
  • WDB96342420115333
  • WDB96342420115334
  • WDB96342420115335
  • WDB96342420115336
  • WDB96342420115337
  • WDB96342420115338
  • WDB96342420115339
  • WDB96342420115341
  • WDB96342420116915
  • WDB96342420116916
  • WDB96342420119342
  • WDB96342420119343
  • WDB96342420120125
  • WDB96342420120131
  • WDB96342420120545
  • WDB96342420120546
  • WDB96342420120547

The recall notice says the tooth flank depth in the serration of the splines may not be sufficient for the required transmission of force between the steering column and the spindle.

What are the hazards?

If there is not sufficient depth, there may be slippage of the connection between the steering column and steering spindle.

This could lead to a loss of control of the vehicle, posing a safety hazard to the driver and other road users.

Affected Mercedes-Benz Actros/Arocs vehicles should contact their authorised Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealer to arrange an inspection and repair of the vehicle.

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