Special Offer available on T-Cut Products

Special Offer available on T-Cut Products

The name T-Cut is well known across the UK and Europe.  After 60 years and tens of millions of tins sold, T-Cut is so iconic, it’s virtually a verb.

To remove scratches or clean paintwork people say ‘Just T-Cut It‘”.  The magic of T-Cut has been passed down through generations of families and now, thanks to Altrex, the T-Cut range is available here in Australia.

It’s one thing to keep your car clean with regular washes and waxes.  The fact is, over time, no matter how frequently you wash your car, build up from dirt, road debris, environmental pollutants, bugs and tar will sink deep into your car’s paintwork and no regular wash and wax will remove it.

The result is dull and lacklustre paintwork.  The inevitable chips, scratches and rust spots will also detract from the look of your car.  If you leave these surface contaminants, scratches and rust spots you risk permanently damaging the paintwork.

T-Cut is a whole new range of car care products for the car enthusiast who wants their car to maintain its showroom finish all year round

Once you have started to use T-Cut products you’ll soon discover that the initial elbow grease you used to bring your car back to ‘like new’ pays off as each wash becomes easier and easier.

In conjunction with Altrex, Behind the Wheel is offering you a chance to try this incredible range of restoration products.  Each week we’ll have a great offer from the T-Cut range.

This week we are offering the Behind the Wheel T-Cut Restoration Kit containing everything you need to bring your car back to showroom condition.

  • T-Cut Power Wash Shampoo
  • T-Cut Repair and Protect Kit including Microfibre Cloth, Microfibre Polishing Mitt, T-Cut Sealer 375ml, T-Cut Original Colour Restorer 375ml
  • CarSmart 2in1 Wash Mitt and Carsmart PVA Speed Dryer Sponge.

Normally you would pay $70 to have this kit delivered to your door but thanks to Altrex and Behind the Wheel we are offering this pack at just $49.99 with free delivery. Save nearly 30%!

  • T-Cut Power Wash is a concentrated car shampoo and is the innovative first step to flawless paintwork. The powerful acting formula contains advanced detergents which removes surface contaminants, all traces of traffic film, dirt, grease and grime providing a high gloss, streak-free finish leaving your paintwork sparkling and restoration ready.
  • T-Cut Repair and Protect Kit is specially developed to remove scratches, clean, shine and restore vehicle bodywork, bringing the paint finish back to its original intensity. T-Cut Original removes light scratches and surface imperfections and the paintwork sealant, seals the surface to prevent the paintwork from fading or oxidising. Keeping your car looking brand new for up to 12 months.  Suitable for use on any colour paintwork.
  • 2 in 1 Wash Mitt is a double action 2-in-1 wash mitt. Dense chenille pile side cleans deep down. String mesh sides scrub away bug and tar stains, dirt and grime.
  • Speed Dryer PVA Sponge dries streak free, machine washable. 10 times stronger than normal sponges.

What a great gift idea, especially with Father’s Day not that far off! Order your T-Cut pack now from the online store at altrex.com.au

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Joel is the founder and CEO of Behind the Wheel. Joel has a background as a radio broadcaster with on-air roles at 4BC, 4KQ, 2KY, 2LT and 2UE amongst others, as well as a news editor and program director. Joel’s relationship with cars stems back to his early childhood learning to change oil and brakes with his father and uncle. This continued on into his driving years owning an assorted collection of cars.

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