Sony Action Cam and Live-View Remote Review

Sony Action Cam and Live-View Remote Review

We review a new action cam from Sony…

When you think small, mountable, wearable video cameras, usually the ubiquitous Go-Pro comes to mind.

This has become the benchmark in this area of the market but Sony also has its own range of action cams, quite creatively called the Sony Action Cam.

The electronics giant recently launched their latest Action Cam model, the AS100V.

We’ll touch on that later, but for now we’ll take a closer look at its little brother the AS30V.

Sony Action Cam and Live-View Remote Review
Sony Action Cam and Live-View Remote Review.

The AS30V is a Full HD camera capable of shooting in a maximum of 1080 60p.

It can also take 12MP pictures at a rate of one every 5 seconds. The viewing angle is wide, able to see 170 degrees, while the lower 120 degree option is still more than sufficient for most scenes.

The Action Cam also possesses GPS and Steadyshot.

This is Sony’s image stabilisation technology which, as the name suggests, helps to keep the shot steady which is handy in situations you’re likely to put the Action Cam in.

But the real focal point is the Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities.

This is where the Live-View remote comes into the picture.

You can sync the unit to the remote via Wi-Fi allowing to view what you are filming and stop and start recording.

Best thing is you can strap the remote to your wrist Dick Tracy style. NFC (near field communication) lets you do this but controlled from a smartphone.

When testing out the camera and remote, they both did all that was promised.

It was quite easy to use with the big red button on the back of the camera to both turn on the unit and to start recording.

The Action Cam comes with two other buttons making it a breeze to navigate through the menu options on the small LCD screen.

I found the buttons on both devices a little heavy to push but is understandable given the purposes of this camera.

Sony Action Cam and Live-View Remote Review
Sony Action Cam and Live-View Remote Review.

I did have an issue with the Wi-Fi at one stage, losing the connection and difficulty re-establishing the link.

You can still use the camera mind you, but you lose the advantage of being able to see what you film.

The AS30V comes in a waterproof case (up to 5m) which protects it from water and makes the unit attachable to the myriad of Sony mounts available.

I tested the waterproofing of the case and the camera did come out dry but I did have concerns with the record button which is the only real, though minute, access point.

The AS100V, meanwhile, is a suped-up version designed for professional sports people and adventurers.

It boasts higher image quality (for the tech geeks amongst us it uses a XAVC-S codec), is splashproof (light amounts of water) and is white.

The best feature of the AS100V involves the Live-View Remote yet again.

You can connect the devices, the same as with the AS30V, but the remote can link up with another four cameras, giving five different angles on your body, your bike or your car in the one shot.

The remote can control the recording of all five cameras and by pressing the arrow buttons, allows you to cycle through the cameras one by one to check your shooting angles.

The Sony Action Cam is a great alternative to the Go-Pro especially when coupled with the Live-View Remote, makes it a formidable package.

The AS30V retails for $379 and comes with an LCD screen mount.

The AS100V retails for $499 and comes with a Live-View Remote.

The stand-alone Live-View Remote is available for $149.

*The Sony Action Cam was not tested on an official Sony mount.

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