Social media a key to luring prospective truck drivers

Social media a key to luring prospective truck drivers

Truck industry urged to modernize the way it recruits drivers…

A shortage of truck drivers is a critical issue that the Australian transport industry is trying to deal with and the issue is no less prevalent in the U.S.A.

Now a report into the driver shortage issue out of the U.S. has recommended that recruiters use up to date forms of communication, particularly social media, to try and reach prospective candidates.

Truck driver shortage is primarily being driven by retirements.

The 2017 Transportation Spotlight report from HireRight says younger drivers can be more efficiently recruited through a digital hiring process, rather than traditional means such as online job boards.

The report says many recruiters, particularly for fleets, are already using social media and it is proving effective in reaching out to people considering a career in the industry.

While other new strategies being utilized to attract/retain truck drivers include:

  • Longer orientation and training periods
  • Investing in lifestyle and wellness benefits such as weight loss programs
  • Increasing pay
  • Using performance-based bonuses
  • Instituting flexible work arrangements

The HireRight report was based on a survey of around 4,000 human resources, recruiting, security, and management professionals.

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