Small SUV headlights not put in a good light

Headlights labelled unsatisfactory in small SUVs

Small SUV headlights not put in a good light

Small SUVs have been found to be under par when it comes to headlights and their effectiveness.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested a range of 21 small SUVs finding that most had inadequate headlights.

The testing looked at low beam and high beam, the presence of LED, curve-adaptive technology, and how the lights responded to  different curves and gradients.

While all the cars tested met minimum standards for headlights in the US, the government’s testing methodology was found to provide inaccurate results.

Only four of the test subjects received a rating of acceptable while none of them were given a rating of good.

At the top of the mediocre pile was the Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring edition while the Honda HR-V sat at the opposite end of the spectrum.

However, the safety organisation says getting good lighting isn’t so simple as choosing the better vehicle.

The IIHS may have tested 21 different models but they possessed 47 different lighting combinations so how good your headlamps are depends on which variant you select.

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