Sliding door issue sees Toyota HiAce recalled

Recall of current series Toyota HiAce LWB Crew Vans underway…

Approximately 536 Toyota HiAce Crew Vans are being recalled in Australia after it was found the side sliding door on the vans doesn’t meet Australian design rules.

The recall is being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and affects only diesel-powered long-wheelbase variants of the top-selling model.

Check to see if your Toyota HiAce is affected here (have your VIN handy).

The ACCC recall notice advises that affected vehicles are equipped with a single latch system on the side sliding doors which does not meet the requirements of the relevant Australian Design Rule (ADR).

Non-compliance to the relevant ADR and may pose as a safety hazard if the door was to unlatch whilst the vehicle was in motion.

Owners will be contacted by mail at their last known address, inviting them to make an appointment with their preferred Toyota Dealer to have the recall carried out free of charge.

Further info is also available from Toyota Customer Service on 1800 869 682.

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