Six ways to extend the life of your car

Six ways to extend the life of your car

Only last week we were talking about how looking after your car can make a difference when it comes time to trade-in or sell (check out that story here).

Now YourMechanic has sent us some simple tips that they recommend we all follow to get a long and happy life from our cars.

And with more drivers keeping their cars for longer, the good news is all the tips are simple and easy and won’t cost you too much time, effort or money.

The mobile car repair network sought the opinions of mechanics across the U.S. and compiled the top ways car owners can help extend the life of their vehicle.

Six ways to extend the life of your car:

Keep up with oil changes

When oil levels are low, or oil is old, added friction between moving parts can cause wear and tear to the engine.

Follow your owner’s manual to determine the best intervals for changing oil. Check the brakes every time the oil is changed.

Take care of your tyres

Check and maintain proper tyre pressure. Tyres inflated within five PSI of their recommended level can help improve fuel consumption and general handling of your vehicle.

Recommended PSI can be found in the owner’s manual.

And don’t forget to rotate your tyres every 8,000 to 12,000 km.

Check vehicle fluids

Vehicles rely on transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and properly mixed coolant to run.

Fluids need to be topped off for optimal vehicle performance throughout the life of the vehicle.

Change air filters regularly

Dust and grime accumulates over time and can negatively impact fuel economy and engine performance.

Take care of minor repairs when they arise

New noises or changes in the drivability of a vehicle should be checked out promptly.

Keep it serviced

Car owners are advised to follow the manufacturer’s suggested service schedule for optimal performance.

This also gives your service technician the chance to identify issues before they worsen and potentially cause more damage.

Got any other hints or tips on keeping cars in top shape? We’d love to hear them.

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