Six tips for safer night driving

Six tips for safer night driving

When driving at night you have to deal with having a whole lot less visibility and fatigue can also become a greater factor.

Those are just a couple of reasons as to why car accident rates climb dramatically when the sun goes down.

Making that even more prevalent is the fact that there are generally fewer cars on the road in night-time hours, compared to the day.

So, certain precautions should be taken to make driving at night safer and we suggest following these six tips for safer night driving:

  1. Turn on your low beams at dusk for better visibility and to be seen.
  2. Be careful not to dazzle oncoming vehicles if you are using your high-beam.
  3. LED headlights can provide significantly improved light quality over halogen bulbs and in most cases aren’t expensive or difficult to fit.
  4. Adapt your speed to be able to brake within the headlamp range.
  5. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front leaving a margin of no less than three seconds.
  6. Recognise the early signs of fatigue such as if your eyelids get heavy, or if you have trouble staying within your lane.

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