Six things EVERY car owner needs to do

Our list of the most important things to do as a car owner

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There’s a lot of car related info out there and for a lot of people we’re sure its just all too much.

Do you do this? Do you not do that? How often? When? Why?…Yep, it’s just all confusing.

So, to try and help, we thought we would come up with a really simple list of the top six things that should be a priority for every car owner…

Look after the Tyres

Tyres do a whole lot more than give your car something to roll along. The condition of your tyres can make a huge difference to important things like how your car stops, turns and handles - in the wet and in the dry.

Incorrectly inflated tyres can also cost you big dollars too! A recent study found you could be spending more than a thousand dollars a year on extra fuel use, just from not having the correct air pressures.

So, keep your tyres at the right pressures and make sure they have good tread depth as well (if you’re unsure, take your car to a tyre expert).

Keep your Wipers and Washers in Good Shape

Such a simple one, but because we live in a generally dry climate in Australia, one that a lot of people forget.

When the rain comes, you want to make sure you have clear vision of the road ahead, so change your windscreen wipers as soon as they start to become streaky.

And make sure you have water in your washer bottle, and don’t forget washer fluid too!

Use your A/C

Car air-conditioning is now standard on just about every new car sold in Australia today.

There are two things you need to remember about car air-conditioning…firstly, use it or you’ll lose it. Going for months without using your A/C, for example during winter, will damage the system and could lead to a repair bill.

So, give it a run every few weeks, even just for a couple of minutes.

And secondly, when its raining, turn your air-conditioning on to help you keep a clear windscreen. The A/C works by taking the moisture out of the air - that’s exactly what you want when you have moisture all over the inside of your glass.

Check your Lights

You need to help other cars see you on the road and that’s exactly what the lights fitted to your car are designed to do.

Get a friend to help you, try out all the lights and if you have a blown bulb, replace it - or get someone to do it for you, it’s not an expensive or time consuming procedure in most cases.

Change your Cabin Air Filter

If your car interior starts to smell moldy or stale, get a technician to check your cabin air filter.

This filter is designed to keep the bad stuff out of the air inside your car and overtime will become clogged up an in need of replacement.

Keep it Smooth

OK, you probably think you’re a great driver - but even the best of us can develop bad habits.

Remember that a good driver is a smooth driver, so avoid harsh acceleration and braking, not only do these habits put more stress and strain on your car, jerky driving will also see your fuel consumption increase and speed up the need for you to spend dollars on brake servicing.

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