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Six minute recharge for new Toshiba EV battery

Just six minutes to recharge Toshiba’s 320km EV Battery

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Slowly but surely, the biggest issue affecting electric vehicles, their lack of driving range, is being conquered.

Though a number of car manufacturers, including Tesla and GM, have batteries that deliver close to petrol engine range, they still take a long time to fully recharge.

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As yet, no EV battery recharge comes remotely close to the time taken to fill a car petrol tank.

But electronics maker Toshiba has started developing a new type of lithium-ion battery for electric cars that takes mere minutes to recharge.

Toshiba says as little as six minutes recharge is their target for the new battery.

Toshiba says the weak link in today’s lithium-ion batteries is the anode part of the cells. This is the negatively charged electrode, which in most modern lithium-ion batteries is a carbon-based material.

During charging and discharging of the battery, ions move between the anode and the cathode, or positively charged electrode.

If you speed up the process too much such as when fast recharging, the battery can suffer excessive degradation that eventually causes major battery degradation and potentially a fire.

Toshiba’s fix for its 32 kWh battery pack  focuses on the lithium-ion cells’ anodes. In place of the lithium-titanium oxide anodes used on its current-generation lithium-ion batteries, there are titanium-niobium oxide (TNO) pieces.

TNO anodes are claimed to double the energy capacity of Toshiba’s current offerings.

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Toshiba says lithium-ion cells with the TNO anode will be available in 2019, we will keep you updated as further details come to hand.

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