Should I still buy a diesel car?

Mandy is looking for some clarification about diesel engines.

Should I still buy a diesel car?

Should I still buy a diesel car? Despite the bad publicity, a diesel engine will most likely save you money if you do enough kilometres.

Hi guys, I’m a bit confused about petrol and diesel engines. I have heard about issues with Volkswagen and would like to know whether my parents should still buy a diesel powered car.

What are the advantages and disadvantages? Diesel is cheaper now, does this make them a good idea?

Peter Hitchener – I drive a diesel car myself and I must say I’m really impressed about just how infrequently I have to refill it, compared to the petrol cars I’ve owned. This saves me a lot of money over the course of the year as I do over 30,000kms per annum.

The engine in my car also has plenty of low down grunt and notwithstanding the recent bad publicity about the Volkswagen diesel issues, if you (or your parents) are going to be doing a lot of kilometres each year, then the diesel is a good option.

Chris Miller – Peter is right, it all comes down to the amount of driving you do each year. If you want to minimize big fuel bills because you’re in the car all the time, then the diesel is the way to go.

For most people though, by the time you factor in the additional purchase of a diesel vehicle (sometimes up to $5,000), the math just doesn’t add up.

Simon Lai – Yes, that is all correct what Peter and Chris say Mandy, the only thing I would like to add is that the diesel engine models (generally) offer better hill climbing, towing and touring capabilities. Around town though (again generally speaking) petrol-powered vehicles are more suited to the stop-start of city/suburban driving.

One last thing, common sense says that a vehicle using less fuel will emit less carbon dioxide, the jury is still out though as to whether the fine particulates that diesel engines can emit give any genuine environmental benefits.

We hope that helps.

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