Should I buy a Holden Cruze or Toyota Corolla?

Bronwyn has an interesting question regarding the Holden Cruze and Toyota Corolla.

Hi guys, I am looking for some assistance. I want to purchase a new small car but live in a country town where there is only a small Holden dealership. I have looked at the Holden Cruze and while I don’t dislike the Cruze I would rather a Corolla.

The only issue is my closest Toyota dealership is 130km away. What should I do?

Thanks for the email Bronwyn, that is an excellent question.

Have you given the Cruze a good test-drive? It’s not a bad car, especially the turbocharged 1.5 litre engine version.

If you prefer the Toyota Corolla though, then we think you should try and get into one, at least for a test-drive. If you call your nearest Toyota dealership and explain the situation, then the chances are they would be more than happy to bring one to you – or meet you halfway.

The other issue you are going to have moving forward is servicing, you should talk to the Toyota dealership about this as well, maybe they can arrange an overnight loan car for when yours is in for a service?

And if the Toyota dealership doesn’t quite come to the party then there are alternatives. If a Mazda dealership is within reach, then we strongly recommend the Mazda3 and the Kia Cerato is a good one too, and it comes with a super long seven-year warranty.

We would love to know which way you end up going. Looking for some car advice? Send us an email at [email protected] or use the Contact page.

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