Should I buy a Ford Falcon?

Should I buy a Ford Falcon?

Behind the Wheel listener Bobby wants some advice on the Ford Falcon.

Should I buy a Ford Falcon

Should I buy a Ford Falcon? - It’s 2003 all over again inside the 2015 Falcon.

Hey guys, I catch the show each week on 3GG in Victoria. I want to know whether it’s still worth buying a Ford Falcon?

I know they are going to stop making them soon but are they still OK?

Thanks for the email Bobby and we are glad you catch the show each week on 531 3GG. You can check out our most recent Ford Falcon review (XR8) here. We also put your question to some the Behind the Wheel team. Here’s what they came up with…

Joel Helmes – The current series Ford Falcon is still a pretty good offering. The EcoBoost four-cylinder engine is worth a test drive and there’s some value to be found, particularly in the G6E model grade. Overall though the Falcon is a bit dated and doesn’t really give any compelling reason to choose it over a Holden Commodore (our Car of the Year in 2013).

If size isn’t an issue then there are any number of good mid-size offerings to test-drive; Ford MondeoHyundai i40, Kia Optima and Toyota Camry to name just a few.

Chris Miller – The 2015 Ford Falcon FG X does look good from the outside but the Falcon interior is looking very dated. If you were rusted-on to getting a Falcon then I’d be inclined to grab a second hand one, bargains on pre-owned XR6’s can be found all over the place. Overall though, if I had to choose, I would opt for the Holden Commodore.

Simon Lai – Joel hit the nail on the head in that there are much better cars available in the mid-size category. The new Hyundai Sonata is just one that comes to mind. If mid-size isn’t big enough then the four-cylinder Falcon is the one to get, as Chris said, try and get a Falcon that’s a year or two old (they really haven’t changed!).

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