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Seven-Year Warranty for Holden

Holden introduces 7-year warranty for limited time

Seven-Year Warranty for Holden

Kia Motors has led with the industry standard of a seven-year warranty and now Holden is getting on board.

Holden is offering the long guarantee on all new Holden vehicles from now until the end of the year.

This means the whole range is covered including the MY17 Holden Commodore and the new SUV the Holden Equinox.

Although, unlike Kia’s offering, the limited time warranty is for 175,000km and not unlimited kilometres.

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Holden Executive Director of Sales Michael Filazzola says the seven-year warranty is just the cherry on top of what are value for money models.

“Usually car companies reduce prices towards the end of the year as part of a plate clearance but this seven-year warranty offer across Holden’s range provides further tangible value to customers.”

The Seven-year/175,000km warranty applies to all Holden car purchases until December 31.

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