Seven Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Seven Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Easy ways to cut your car insurance costs…

We’re all watching our budgets and one area where you might be able to save some dollars is on your car insurance.

By watching what you do, the difference could mean hundreds of dollars each year and that money is better off in your pocket!

The non-profit motoring organisation, IAM Roadsmart, tell us they’ve helped motorists cut their annual car insurance bill by following these simple steps:

Take an advanced driving course

Most insurers recognise these courses and may offer a discount (not to mention the potential benefits of having these additional skills).

Shop around

Make sure you get a number of quotations when renewing your insurance, it’s the best way make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Consider downsizing

Buying expensive cars such as a 4×4 or an exotic sports model may seem like the dream but the insurance is most likely much more expensive than a regular car.

Cars are insurance rated the lower the better if you want to contain costs.

Location, location, location

It might not be feasible to move, but the postcode that you live in can affect your car insurance rates.

However, if you’re planning to move, factor in a possible adjustment to your insurance costs.

Choose your excess

Changing the amount of excess that you would pay in the event of a claim can make a difference to your yearly premium - make sure you are happy with the excess amount though.

Keep it standard

Stay away from car modifications. A lot of the time you see many young drivers modifying their alloy wheels, body kits etc.

This is something that you must try to avoid as they are known to increase premiums.

If you are keen to modify your vehicle always inform your insurer.

Telematics can save you dollars

Mainly available for younger drivers many insurers are now offering mobile phone based apps for all drivers.

These devices monitor car usage and driving behaviour and set your premiums based on your actual driving performance.

Got any other car insurance saving tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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