Setback for Ford Mustang in Police Pursuit

Setback for Ford Mustang in Police Pursuit

Reports this morning say the Ford Mustang has performed poorly in testing for possible service with the NSW Police.

News Corp reports that the new Ford Mustang failed a critical test when the transmission allegedly overheated while conducting a simulated police pursuit exercise. The Mustang was reportedly transported to a Ford dealership in limp mode for repairs/evaluation.

The reports come after Queensland police recently took delivery of five Volvo cars to trial as the nation’s police look to find a suitable replacement for the soon to be retired Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon.

We are expecting a statement from Ford in regards to the reports about the Mustang’s performance in the testing, we will publish that when received.

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  1. Given the limited availability of the mustangs , its better then that they end up in the hands of private owners then .I would think though that this event with the overheated transmission would likely be an isolated one . Whatever the case , theres not enough mustangs to pass around , so better that those who pay the good cash get the pleasure , rather than used by chestbeaters .

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