Secrets to better car servicing and repairs

Experts say get it in writing when you hand over your car…

Secrets to better car servicing and repairs

A famous Chinese proverb goes ‘the weakest ink is worth more than the best memory’ and this might just hold true when it comes to car servicing and repairs.

The Automobile Association (AA) is recommending car owners take the time to write down what might be wrong with their car, or what they want done to it, when they hand over their keys at a service centre or workshop.

The AA says putting it in writing, either via email or a note handed over when you drop off your car, helps reduce the chances of something going wrong, or an issue not being attended to or addressed.

The motoring body says this also gives you strong recourse should you feel that something hasn’t been fixed or attended to as you believe it should be.

While other things you can do to get the best car servicing/repair experiences include:

  • Choose a service centre or workshop that is member of an industry association (such as the Motor Trades Association of Australia – MTAA).
  • Get a firm quote on how much the work will cost and the timeframe for when it will be completed (in writing preferably).
  • Ensure that you are available to discuss what needs to be done to your vehicle, for example, ensure that you drop off the car and pick it up and have your phone on when your car is in getting attention.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what work was carried out and why.
  • Keep service records and repair receipts and have them on hand, these could help your mechanic/service centre more quickly identify issues.
  • Clean your car before you drop it off and remove any unnecessary items (such as golf clubs and strollers). A clean car is easier to work on and carrying excess weight might compromise the way the vehicle drives, thus throwing your technician off possible issues.
  • Stick to your vehicles recommended service intervals and ensure that your service handbook is properly completed when you collect your car from the service centre.

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