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More scepticism around autonomous cars

UK study shows many not convinced

autonomous cars

Another study has found that many motorists are not yet ready to hand over control of their car and a large percentage of people are actually scared of the tech.

The U.K. study involved 2,000 motorists and was commissioned by Continental Tyres.

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Some of the key findings from the study included a large percentage who felt that automated driving technology and driverless cars would bring no benefit.

Drivers fail to see that automated and driverless vehicles will deliver promised benefits according to a new study.

There was also frustration that the money being invested in the tech could be better spent.

Others were just not happy about being asked to hand over control.

37% of respondents were concerned that people are becoming too lazy and reliant on technology

While there was a fear among more than one on three respondents (36%) about the technology being hacked.

The results come just days after a U.S. study was released that also showed people are a long way from being comfortable with handing over control.

Mark Griffiths is a safety expert at Continental Tyres, he says he wasn’t surprised by the British study’s findings.

“Drivers have to contend with immediate real-world issues like congestion, the cost of motoring and environmental impact, and in some instances technologies being developed now are not being identified as a solution for those issues – yet they absolutely are.

“Future advances will transform motoring and technology businesses like ours need to explain how present challenges will be reduced or eliminated – like congestion, costs and environmental impact.

“The message from motorists is clear – talk less about ‘tomorrow’s world’ and more about real world benefits.”

So, what did the sceptical motorists want instead of autonomous cars? About 50% said improved road safety, this was followed by calls for more economical vehicles and fewer vehicles on the roads.

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How do you feel about autonomous cars? Are you ready to hand over the controls? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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