Scary Stats: Time and Money Wasted looking for a parking spot

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U.S. study calculates time lost

Sure, it may only be five minutes here, or ten minutes there, but added up over the course of a year you might be spending a lot more time looking for a parking spot than you realize.

How much time? Well, if you drive in some of the big cities in the U.S. you could be wasting more than 100 hours per year.

That’s more than four days each year going nowhere!

INRIX, a leading specialist in connected car services and transportation analytics, has estimated that on average U.S. motorists are spending 17 hours a year searching for parking spots.

That includes searching for street parking and in car parks.

New York was found to be the hardest U.S. city to find a parking spot in – in the Big Apple each year motorists were found to be spending 107 hours per year on the hunt.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and Seattle round out the top five cities with the toughest parking experience.

Not only is time going to waste, but INRIX estimates that looking for parking spots over the year comes with an estimated average cost of $345 ($440 AUD) per driver through wasted time, fuel, and emissions.

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Bob Pishue, an INRIX transportation analyst and co-author of the report, says the results are quite an eye-opener.

“Hunting for parking imposes significant costs on our pocketbooks that we often don’t think about,”

“This is a problem not only drivers face, but local shops and businesses, too.”

And the report has also found that U.S. motorists are overpaying for their parking - caused by drivers’ inability to estimate how long they need to park.

The hip pocket is also being hit hard when having to fork out extra at a parking garage to avoid the risk of getting a parking ticket.

The report estimating that this alone costs Americans more than $20 billion a year or $97 per driver.

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