Scania welcomes plans to build electrified highway

Sweden and Germany team up to expand Sweden’s electric heavy truck route…

Scania welcomes plans to build electrified highway

The World’s first electrified cross-border highway for trucks is a step closer with Sweden and Germany announcing a new mobility and electrical roads partnership.

The deal, which also includes a focus on ‘personal mobility’, will see the European neighbours fund the development of an electrified road network.

Germany and Sweden want to cut diesel emissions.

Sweden, with the help of Scania and Siemens, has been trialling a 2km stretch of electrified highway for heavy vehicles to use (more details here) and say the technology is ready to be expanded.

Scania President and CEO Henrik Henriksson welcomed the announcement.

“The agreement between Sweden and Germany underlines the value of strategic partnerships in creating solutions for a future of sustainable transport, something to which Scania is fully committed,”

“I very much welcome the partnership and study that will be the first step of it, where Scania is happy to contribute with the experience we have gained together with our partners Siemens and the running of our hybrid trucks on the electrified road.”

We will bring you more news on this as it comes to hand.

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