Scania unveils 10×8 truck ready for 220-tonne loads

Scania’s biggest ever truck set to go to work in the Pilbara

When you’re hauling quad road trains in the Pilbara in WA you need plenty of muscle and traction up front and this Scania R 730 V8 looks just the rig for the job.

Unveiled this morning by Scania Australia, the prime mover features a 10×8 set-up and is said to be the biggest truck ever delivered by the brand here.

Based on a Scania 8×8, the truck was converted to the 10×8 configuration with the addition of a lazy axle and has been set-up to haul loads of up to 220-tonnes!

Scania R730 10×8 - Qube Bulk Port, Hedland

Qube Bulk has taken delivery of the unit and intends to use it to shift bulk iron ore from its mine sites to the terminal at Port Hedland.

Director of Qube Bulk, Todd Emmert, says hopefully the truck will be able to be used to its full capacity.

“As it stands now, a standard Quad Road Train can pull 175-tonnes, or 200-tonnes under PBS.

“We anticipate that in the near future we should be able to raise this to 220-tonnes, once permission is granted by the relevant authority.

“One of the benefits of the higher payload is ultimately a reduction in the number of truck movements on a given piece of road.

“Reduced interactions between cars and trucks, and having trucks with higher levels of safety will all combine to make these roads safer for all road users.”

While Robert Taylor, General Manager of Scania’s Mining and Resources Division, says the 10×8 unit is ready for duty.

“When Qube asked us about a vehicle that would meet these requirements we were able to draw up a plan for the R 730 10×8.

“This vehicle has amazing traction, and with its powerful 730hp engine, it has the heart for pulling four trailers of ore across vast distances to the terminal.

“Scania has accumulated plenty of mining services experience in Australia and around the world and we have been working closely with many mining operators over recent times.

“What we have learned has improved the product and operational experience for our customers, and we are confident that even 1 million arduous km of operation for Qube will not trouble this very impressive V8 powered 10×8 truck.”

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